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Say Goodbye to Bleach: Why Non-Bleach Hair Colors are Trending

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Non-Bleach Hair Colors: The Benefits and Why They're on Trend

The hair colour trend has been rising recently, but more people are now opting for non-bleach hair colours. These hair colours offer numerous benefits, and they're becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Here's a closer look at what non-bleach hair colours are, their benefits, and why they're on trend.

What are Non-Bleach Hair Colors?

Non-bleach hair colours are a type of hair colour that doesn't require bleach to lighten the hair. Instead, they rely on patented formulas that use other ingredients to lift the hair's colour. These ingredients are gentler on the hair than bleach, making them less likely to cause damage.

Benefits of Non-Bleach Hair Colors

1. Gentle on Hair

One of the biggest benefits of non-bleach hair colours is that they're gentler on hair. Bleaching strips the hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. In contrast, non-bleach hair colours don't cause as much damage to the hair, so you can dye your hair without worrying about causing long-term damage.

2. Wide Range of Colors

nonbleach colour selection from prix salon
Non-bleach Colour Selections from Prix Salon

Non-bleach hair colours come in a wide range of shades, so you're not limited to just blonde or pastel colours. You can find almost any colour, from vibrant reds to deep purples, without bleaching your hair.

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3. Long-Lasting

Non-bleach hair colours are long-lasting, and the colour will remain vibrant for weeks, even months. Unlike traditional bleach-based hair dyes, non-bleach hair colours won't fade as quickly, so you can enjoy your new colour for longer.

A picture of the 3 steps customers go through when they dye their hair at prix salon
The Ultimate Pre and Post Treatments

Prix Salon goes beyond the commitment of shielding your cuticles and prolonging the lifespan of your hair colours. Our Pre-cuticle essence acts as a base coat that primes your hair before colouring, while our Post-colour lock treatment is applied to seal in colour and extend its longevity.

4. Suitable for All Hair Types

Non-bleach hair colours are suitable for all hair types, including fine, damaged, and curly hair. Since they're gentler on the hair, they won't cause as much damage, making them a great option for anyone who wants to colour their hair without risking damage.

At a glance,

Benefits of Non-bleach colours:

👉 Natural-looking

👉 Gentle on hair

👉 Wide range of shades

👉 Long-lasting

If you're interested in trying out non-bleach hair colours, it's important to find a professional salon with experience in these dyes. Prix Salon has a team of skilled hair stylists trained to use non-bleach hair colour products effectively and safely. Don't risk damaging your hair with a DIY approach - trust the professionals at Prix Salon to give you the natural-looking hair colour you desire.

Book an appointment with us and leave your tresses in the hands of the experts! WhatsApp 8044 5040 to fix an appointment!


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